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From this page you  can listen  some songs composed by Techno-iD in the following format

Depuis cette page vous pouvez écouter les compositions de Techno-ID dans les formats suivants :

Real Audio

MP 3


( Click the format of your choice. All the songs are differents in each category ) 


I hope you'll enjoy my music !



 Real Audio Format  (no download , immediat listening from my site )

<<< Ar Mor >>> Song created with Korg i40M, ElecTribe A & R and a Midi Guitar with AX1000G effects.
<<< First step >>> This song was composed essentially with a JX 305 a  MC303 and an expander Korg 05r/w. 
<<< Liquid Piano >>> This song is an experiment with Acid Pro 2 , a loops-based composer program


Ooooops NO sound ? 
If you have not Real Audio allready installed, click  here for a free download

Si vous ne disposez pas du lecteur Real Audio, cliquez ici,
pour un download gratuit de RealAudio en francais

 Real Audio Website


  MIDI Format  (no download, immediate listening)

The quality of these songs will depend on your sound card quality !

Choose a song in the scrolling menu, then press " Ecoutez les Cyborgs..." No download necessary.To take full advantage of these songs you'll need a WaveTable soundcard ( e.g. Sound Blaster Live ), or get a General Midi Synthesizer connected to the midi output of your soundcard.

Choisissez un morceau dans le menu déroulant puis appuyez sur le bouton. Aucun téléchargement nécessaire !


Si vous êtes intéressés par des sites distribuant des fichiers M.I.D.I et/ou des paroles de chansons, dans tous les styles, cliquez ici

If you are interested by sites delivering MIDI Files and/or lyrics in every styles, then click here



Actually the most used format to listen Web music . Sometimes you'll need to download  for best results. From here you will be linked to my page on MP3.com where my musics are uploaded. All songs can be listen and download for free.
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Ar Mor
created on 25 02 2001 using Korg i40M, ElecTribe A and R, GR9 MidiGuitar Controller

To hear my songs in MP3 format,  click here

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