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Hip Hop ! Ba da da doom ...doom...

Here are some links to the major synthesizers manufacturers. Some of them are not so famous, but you will find awesome machines in these sites. If a link is broken please tell me!
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  virtual midi drivers / simulateurs de pilotes midi 

 soft synthes / synthés virtuels 

digital audio editors and plug-ins /éditeurs audio digitaux et plug-ins 

  patch editors and librarians / éditeurs et banques de sons

awevbank (awe-32) progenie (korg prophecy)
canvasman (roland gs) sounddiver (universal)
midi quest (universal) xgedit (yamaha xg)
polyphony (proteus) unisyn (universal)

  mainstream sequencers /séquenceurs 

  notation programs /programmes de notation 

  other music software /divers programmes musicaux 

awave (universal patch/sample convertor) melodia (algorithmic composition)
awetoy (awe-32 tools) midifitz (jazz accompaniment)
building blocks (modular sequencing) midiscan (music scanning)
fractmus (fractal music) stomper (drum sample generator)
giebler enterprises (sequence conversion) wavclean (noise reduction)
hubi's midi joystick (controller) zel (midi composition language)
idfedit (midi mapper setup)

  analog synth manufacturers /fabriquants de synthés analogiques 

  digital synth manufacturers /fabricants de synthés digitaux 

  synth diy / ressources pour synthés 

  midi/cv convertors /convertisseurs midi 

  theremins /divers 

  sound card and midi interface manufacturers /cartes sons et interfaces midi 

  synthesist's resources /ressources pour les pros 

  music shareware /programmes musicaux en shareware 

  synth worship / ateliers synthés

  midi controllers / contrôleurs midi 

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