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 Page updated on 27-02-2001

 New I40 M Styles editors and more ! Click here !

I 40 M from Korg , an impressive arranger !

Have a look on this excellent arranger sequencer and sound module !



 My Korg i 40 M arranger

i40M Korg


Operative System 3.0 in case of problems. Before read the guide !

Operative system Installation guide (pdf) Read it !

Factory disk : original arrangements  to initialize your i40M 

Korg i series Converter (freeware)  convert any Style of  the Korg I serie

i3 Styles to i40M  NEW This program tries to convert styles made with i2,i3, into a style usable with Korg is40, is50 and compatibles. 

I 40 M Styles editor   NEW GNIStyle for Win95/Win98/WinNT and DOS
Create new KORG i-series keyboard styles from small midi files or modify existing styles even if keyboard does not support style editing feature. KORG i-series models:i1,i2,i3,i4s,i5s,i5M,iX300, i30,is40,is50

64 New arrangements   for i40M User bank, some greats news arrangements from Korg France.

Korg i40M instrument definition for Cakewalk  usefull !

Web Sites


Petrini website : NEW a very cool website by a  programmer with one unique freeware for i40M : i40CMv10 (i40 Control Module/Interface, devoted to control via MIDI the i40M Arranger and iS35, iS40, iS50 Keyboards of Korg (*) in the two Arrangement Play and Song Play working modalities.

Korg France  a lot of ressources on this excellent website ( in french) : downloads, FAQ,MP3 demos, Board and more !

KORG i-series specifications Infos page on Korg arrangers
IStyle Web Page  editor for Korg arrangers
Korg i-series programs for PC software for Korg i arrangers.


USB STYLES CDROMS styles CD Rom for i40M and  i-series. New address !  to order new arrangements CD Rom for i40M


Korg i-series programs Editor for Korg i serie machines


KORG Style Toolkit  usefull softwares.

Korg i40M Realtime controller NEW  program devoted both to control via MIDI the i40M Arranger and iS40/50, iS35 Keyboards of Korg


Cyborg techno  Roland, JX 305
JX 305  Roland                                     


Free Editor for MC505/JX305  english

Instrument definition for Cakewalk

Operative system 1.06    problems  with your JX ? reload this OS !


Web Sites

Roland JX-305  the JX305 page on Sonicstate.com

JX 305 Resources
  groovesources.net website
Roland JX-305 - User Reviews  on Sonicstate.cpm
Roland JX-305 Groove Synth Resources
Roland JX-305 
zone505, the groovebox area  demos


Elecribe R de Korg great drum robot !


ElecTribe  Korg

Web Sites

Korg Electribe ER-1  page on Sonicstate.com

Sons et Démos  sounds and demos

Démos en MP3  demos

KORG France      excellent website, free downloads (in french)

KORG Italie   downloads (in italian)


ElecTribe Page on this site: on line Manuals, downloads, TechSpec ( french and-or english) 



Roland SP808


  Roland SP808  

 Roland SP 808 Information Notice  (zip format)





RM1x Yamaha








RM1 x  the complete manufacturer booklet ! (HTML)

Roland MC303



MC 303  Roland


    Roland's Groove Site (official)

Demo in MP3  on this site, one grrovy song in mp3 format


VS 880 Roland a complete  digital studio   

Roland VS 880 Digital Workstation

Manufacturer Infos Booklet   ( zip format )

VS 880 FAQ  usefull infos and tips  (pdf Acrobat format)

VS 880 Operative system 3.10    to upgrade or repair your OS




VS880 - ElecTribe A & R- Mackie VLZ 1202 - i 40M Korg - MC 303
Synthies  and  Techno  (general)

Web Sites

Synth Zone BBS  you'll find IT here : unique forum and infos!
The Gas Station SYNTHE Bank : The synthies DataBase
Greg's Web World SYNTHE    page of a synthesizer's fan
Jetboy Junction SYNTHE
Sounds - GSF 

Web'n'Zic internet  
Sound Burst


The Drum Machine Site !  

Drum Machines 


The Drum Machine Site  Excellent ! Archives,Photos,Manuals and more ( in english)



Magazines, journaux, guides  

On line magazines , guides, archives


Sound ON Sound  sound technician review

Electronic Musician  about computerized music  Usefull !

Keyboard  synthies's magazine ...Great !



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